One week on the Shvil – and it’s too hard for the dogs

Yeah it’s too hard for the dogs. We had 2 very hot days and even when we stopped from 11am-16:30pm they were too exhausted in the evening. Also their paws are not getting better as long as we keep on walking…

Daria even hitchhiked back to Eilat to buy some new dog shoes for Jax, but only the next day High’s paws were starting to get worse again…

If we could travel back in time with this experiences, we would start a month earlier and put them both shoes on from the beginning…

Daria mit Hunden Jax und High im Negev am Israel Trail. (c) rene skroch 2017

But anyway, now we have to make a new plan. There are a lot of options but it’s difficult to plan in the moment because it’s Sabbat and the passover holidays are starting too on monday. So there isn’t much public transport and shops have closed etc….

Daria mit Hunden Jax und High am Shvil Israel

In the moment we are guests in Kibbutz Lotan. It’s the first time we are in a Kibbutz and it is an interesting experience. It was funny how we landed here, because actually we wanted to go to Barak Canyon but had to make some groceries before Sabbat starts on Friday 15pm (until Saturday 19pm all is closed).


So I tried to hitchhike to the next supermarket which was a 20km away but nobody gave me a lift (normally hitchhiking works very well in Israel). So we changed our plan and said let’s go back to Eilat to give the dogs a break. So we started ask people who stopped at the parking of the small cafe we stayed at if they can give us a lift… 2 smelly, dirty hikers with huge backpacks and 2 dogs 😛

High und Jax (c) rene skroch for 2017

We weren’t very successful again… but then Jason turned up. We met him 3 days before on the campsite of Timna Park. He is an American who is living over 30 years in Israel. A fantastic guy, he hiked last year the 4200km long Pacific Crest Trail in the USA.

When he came to Israel in the beginning of the 80s he lived his first years in that Kibbutz where we are now. He was like one of the founding fathers… so he called there and asked if there is someone who would host us and a Girl named Tslil, which hiked the Shvil Israel last year herself, was willing to host us…

(c) rene skroch for 2017

(c) rene skroch for 2017

Friday evening it’s tradition in Israel to prepare a big meal and eat together with family and friends. So they invited us to join them. The meal was fantastic. But we were so exhausted from the last days that we had to say good night quite early. We weren’t in our best condition. We got up in 4:30am the last few days and the heat and dry and dusty air makes our bodies pay its tribute.

(c) rene skroch for 2017

So for now we are going through all our options and making new plans. We will see what comes next…


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Rene Skroch am Shvil Israel Trail


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