Back on the Shvil – Alone

After going through all our options, we decided for the one, where I will continue hiking through the desert and Daria with the dogs they’re working on an organic farm near the egyptian border… And when the dog’s paws are healed, we gonna meet and team up again… (from Rene Skroch/ 13. April 2017)

After our funny visit in the kibbutz last saturday we decided to return for some days to Eilat (I felt like haven’t snorkeled enough at our first visit 😉 ). It was the day of Sabat and we weren’t sure about the bus services.

(c) rene skroch

But as soon as we stood by the busstop a car pushed by and asked us, if we wanted to have a lift to Eilat. We haven’t signalled hitchhiking or anything and the car looked fancy and the people too… We asked if they are sure to take us with the 2 dogs and so on… but yeah of course… they like dogs and we can visit them if we are in Jerusalem and we can leave the dogs in their flat then etcetc…

Just another example of how friendly the most people we meet are…

Back in Eilat we were quite shocked about the noise of the city. After one week in the desert we became more sensitive to sounds. The city is busy as a beehive these days because there are holidays and the passover was beginning to start. Most people are going home and meeting with their families… or they go and meet in Eilat 😉

Kletteraufstiege wir hier gibt es einige am Shvil Israel


Immer wieder geht es am INT durch sog. Water Pits

As busy and noisy and touristical the city is, I like it there. The snorkeling is fantastic, dogs are allowed on the beach, there is some free camping area and you meet a lot of interesting people at the beach…

Like this nice young israelian/serbian couple which gave us the contact of their friend which has some organic farm at the edge of the desert. So Daria wrote to this guy, he replied immediately and 2 days later she was there and is doing some farmwork now for free food and accommodation.

So we stayed another 2 nights in Eilat, relaxed at the beach, made some more friends and prepared for the coming adventures.

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The morning we went to the bus station to find out how we get to our seperate destinations a guy showed up while we were sitting at a bench and offered us a lift again. He was driving to Beer Sheva, the town where Daria was supposed to meet the owner of the farm. And on the way to there was also my restarting point of the Israel Trail.

Again we wondered how easy it is to get a ride with the dogs. Most people really like dogs here. I remembered when I was travelling with my dog years ago in Spain and became really frustrated about the “No dogs allowed” Policy everywhere from busses over beaches to restaurants and campings…

So they dropped me off, I started hiking and starting missing my beloved company… suddenly even the flies started to be really annoying. Seems like before the dogs took all their attention 😛

I hiked through some nice canyons on the first day and jeep drivers gave me water, nuts and oranges. I met only one other hiker, an english guy hiking southwards…

Nahrhaft für den Shvil Israel: Getrocknete Feigen und Mandeln

The next day I met a lot of Jeep drivers, everyone stopping and asking me if I needed anything. Then a Ranger stopped by and informed me there will be rain and thunderstorms starting in the night and I should stop somewhere for 1 1/2 days, because flooding can be really dangerous in the desert. The ground is sealed and if there is strong rain the water will become like a mud tidal wave. And the region I hiked is like a draining system of all the Riverbeds from Mitzpe Ramon.

I didn’t wanted to stop already again, but it seemed inteligent because also other people warned me and suggested me to stop. So I tried to find a stay in the next settlement, another kibbutz called Sappir. I tried to call all the “Trail Angels” (People who will host you along the trail) in the area, but either there weren’t here or they didn’t answer the phone or they didn’t host anymore.
A woman in the administration office also tried to help me and phoned around but without success. Frustrated I decided to move on. The weather report showed only slight rain (1-2mm) and when nobody wants to help me it’s a sign to go on, I said to myself…

Gewaltig schöne Kulissen am INT

So I hiked another 6km and made my nightcamp. I decided to let the tent with Daria to have more space for water and wasn’t expecting any rain in this time of year… in 1am I was woken up by the first drops of rain… of course I didn’t sleep under a tree, because the trees are all located in the river beds which I wanted to avoid…

When I saw the lighnings on the horizon suddenly my Courage faded. There aren’t many things I’m afraid of, but on all my travels I had experienced some really bad thunderstorms while camping in the middle of nowhere. I mean I survived each of them but when a lightning hits so close to your tent that you can feel the earth shaking and the sound is like someone is ripping a peace of paper next to your ear, it isn’t funny anymore… I remember a night in North Italy, camping on ahigher level and was curled up in my tent half the night and praying to god and fearing for my life….

Back to Sappir

So the decision was quickly made, back to Sappir! I walked with my headlamp 2 1/2 hours through the darkness and was pretty happy when I saw the lights of the kibbutz again… I sneaked in through the back door (all kibbutzes have this ugly fences around like Guantanamo – I don’t get used to that… even inside the kibbutz every facility is caged in… I don’t understand what’s so nice about living in an ugly cage in the middle of a hot and harsh desert…) and made my bed on the first park bench I found and slept another some hours…

So now I’m waiting for the thunderstorms (I have to say that it is the best weather in the moment, maybe I just panicked…😜) and hopefully I can continue my hike in the late afternoon…

Spektakulär: Der Einstieg zum Barak Canyon (INT/ Shvil Israel)

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Rene Skroch am Shvil Israel Trail


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