Through the Desert after the Rain

It’s been 1 week since I wrote last time… so yeah… the rain and thunderstorms eventually started in the evening of that day and I was happy about the decision to come back to the village/kibbutz… (Rene Skroch/ 21. April 2017)

After I spent half of the day lying under some tree and hanging around in the kibbutz administration to charge my phone and tablet, I found some nice shelter in the nearby park which should protect me and 2 other Shvilistim (Hikers who are doing the Trail are called like this) from the rain.

Regen in der Negev, Pfützen am Israel Trail (c) rene skroch

Everybody was very excited and happy about the rain, and some group of young israelians even tried to find out where to spot the flood. They were on the phone all the time and when somebody finally had the information where the flood could be seen, they all rushed to their cars to chase the flood… one guy later explained me, that there is some kind of flood-spotting tourism, because it’s so rare and special. We don’t have hurricanes or tornados here, so we run after splashfloods, he said…

And yeah… it was very nice to hike through the desert after the rain. The air was cleaned from dust and sand and small water holes were filled (I drank from some) and in one bigger pool I had a swim…

Regenwasser am INT in der Wüste Negev. (c) rene skroch

Because of the Passover Holidays it was quite crowded along the trail. Everywhere where jeeps had access to the trail, it was full with israelian tourists. I carried food and water for 2 1/2 days, but I think I could have started without anything and would’ve arrived in Mitzpe Ramon with a backpack full with water and food.

Froh um etwas Essbares. Proviant muß man am Israel Trail selbst mitnehmen

Almost everyone asked me, if I needed anything… I mostly asked for apples or oranges, because I knew they keep them in their coolboxes and it’s so refreshing having some cold fruit in the heat of the day…

The 2 1/2 days were scenery-wise absolut fantastic, especially after some long climb when I looked for the first time in the Makhtesh Ramon, a 40kmx8km and 300m deep erosion crater.

Again I met a lot of friendly people and joined some family, which I met a week before already, for a few hours. But mostly I hiked alone and enjoyed my own rhythm. I didn’t sleep at the crowded night camps, I found myself nice spots in between and enjoyed the silence and the amazing nightsky.

But without tent, girlfriend and dogs the nights were pretty cold, it dropped down to only 10 degrees and was very windy… I put on all my clothes (3 tshirts, 2 pullovers + 2 trousers over each other) and wrapped myself in sleeping bag and blanket like a mummy…

Rene am Ramon Krater. Im Hintergrund liegt Mitzpe Ramon

Finally I arrived in Mitzpe Ramon, a small town located at the edge of the big crater. Due to the fact, that my flight to Israel arrived in the night in Tel Aviv and I took the nightbus to Eilat then, I haven’t seen anything except Eilat and the desert in my 3 weeks in Israel so far… so I was excited to see Mitzpe Ramon, everybody told me about the magic atmosphere there…

When I climbed out of the crater I just saw ugly appartment blocks, cats on trash containers and of course… fences 😛 I think to feel the magic, you have to arrive with the car from the other side and then have the look into the crater. But when you arrive after being already weeks in the desert, it’s hard to find some magic…

Abenstimmung am Shvil Israel, Isomatte und Einsamkeit

I checked in a nice hostel, which was full with german backpackers. After 3 weeks my first night inside concrete… the guests were very nice and I was very happy to speak german after a long time (even Cologne-Accent I could practise) but the night was terrible. I felt like suffocating in a small room with 6 people and windows closed… I sleep best when I’m outside in nature and close to the floor…

Rene’s Slideshow /Shvil Israel

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Rene Skroch am Shvil Israel Trail


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