Day 4 on the Shvil Israel

Mit Hunden durch die Wüste: So now we’re since 4 days on the Israel National Trail. We are getting into it slowly slowly. We learn how to design our days… (Rene Skroch)

We get up before sunrise at around 5am and try to start hiking at 6am (In reality it was so always 7am so far). In the hottest time of the day (13pm-16:30pm) we have to stop because it’s definately too hot for the dogs… We search for some nice shade under a tree, make some fire and prepare some lunch.

Rast im Schatten einer Akazie mitten im Negev (c) Rene Skroch

After 16:30pm we start again to cover some distance. It’s a beautiful light in the late afternoon. Before sunset we put up our tent, drink some tea and then go to sleep really early.

Traumlandschaft Negev/ Israel: Daria wandert mit Hunden in die Ferne

Kletteranstieg am Shvil Israel

2 nights ago we had some really strong wind in the night which carried a lot of sand with it. The plan was to make a fire and cook some dinner but instead we had to sit in our tent and shut everything to keep the sand out… No chance to sit or eat out when these winds come.

Outdoor vom Feinsten: Im Negev zählt, was man dabei hat

Kochen am offenen Feuer: Das gehört zum Israel Trail!

The dogs Worldwide DOGZ are still worrying us. High’s paw injury is better now, almost healed completely. He wore a funny dog shoe for the last two days. But he still hasn’t learned from his exhausted first day and is still always choosing the most difficult route.

(c) rene skroch for 2017

Now it’s Jax who has some problems with his paws. I don’t know he expression for this little round ‚pillows‘ which is actually the paw, but they are a bit cracked. Like humans got blisters from too much walking… So Daria is creaming them and making bandages… maybe we have to organize some more of this dog shoes. Daria also gives the dogs massage when they have sour muscles… maybe it’s better to be a dog 😛

And ourselves? Yeah we’re doing good so far. I expected more difficulties the first days. Daria is very tough, we carry both more than 20 kg each but we manage it quite good. You get used very fast to the weight. But of course we also feel our muscles now after some days. And never underestimate the dessert.

Rene’s Slideshow from Day 4/ Shvil Israel

We meet a lot of nice other hikers, mostly young Israelians. But yesterday when we made our lunchbreak we met this young english guy Edmund, who hiked the Shvil the opposite direction. He started 7 weeks ago and had only 2 days more to finish.
We sat with him and had a nice conversation. Eventually I asked him, if he already had hiked some other long distance trails and he mentioned he was on the Lycian Way 2 years ago… Wait I said, me also I have been on the Lycian Way 2 years ago… When have you been there? November? Yes November! Suddenly a bell rang in my head…
I never met this guy but I heard a lot of stories about him and saw him on photos, because he was the hiking partner of my two companians Nastya Pospelova and Jeff Chevalier before I actually teamed up with them… When somebody follows my blog already that long, he will remember that I hiked almost 2 weeks with that guys and we had a lot of fun…

So we had a lot of stories to exchange and were wondering about how small the world sometimes is… meeting in the middle of the Negev desert

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Rene Skroch am Shvil Israel Trail


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Day 4 on the Shvil Israel

Mit Hunden durch die Wüste: So now we're since 4 days on the Israel National Trail. We are getting into ...
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